Large Group Adjudicated Event results

Congratulations to all three bands on their performances at Sylvania Southview this past Friday.

All three bands received Superior (I) ratings.

Thank you to all the students for their hard work over the past months of rehearsals.

We also appreciate the family and friends who chaperoned, helped with equipment, helped with the uniforms, and supported us with your attendance at the performances.

A special thanks to Mr. Krichbaum and Mr. Hoffman for their work with rehearsals for contest.

Thanks to everyone for their combined efforts to make the best music that we can produce

Jazz Band at Open House

The Jazz Band has been asked to play a few tunes before the opening meeting at Open House on
Wednesday, March 14. Students should report to the band room at 6:00pm dressed in nice casual
clothes (no jeans please). We will play in the auditorium from approximately 6:15-6:30pm.

Large Group Adjudicated Event

The Large Group AE will again be held at Sylvania Southview on Friday, March 16. The schedule for each group is listed below. Please make sure you follow the correct band’s schedule.

Family and friends are welcome to attend the performance, but please remember that any type of recording or picture taking is not allowed.

Concert Band

2:35 Students arrive and get dressed
3:00 Bus Departs for Southview
3:30 Arrive at Southview
4:00 Travel to warm-up room
4:30 Performance in Auditorium
5:00 Sightreading
5:30 Get rating
6:00 Load buses for AWHS
6:30 Arrive at AWHS

Freshman Band

4:00 Students arrive and get dressed
4:30 Bus Departs for Southview
5:00 Arrive at Southview
5:30 Travel to warm-up room
6:00 Performance in Gym
6:30 Sightreading
7:00 Get rating
7:30 Load buses for AWHS
8:00 Arrive at AWHS

Symphonic Band

5:45 Students arrive and get dressed
6:15 Bus Departs for Southview
6:45 Arrive at Southview
7:15 Travel to warm-up room
7:55 Performance in Auditorium
8:25 Sightreading
8:55 Get rating
9:15 Load buses for AWHS
9:45 Arrive at AWHS