5/1 – FT Band Update

Here are a few reminders about current and upcoming FT Band Activities

*6th Grade Band Concert for 4th Graders*
On Friday, May 5th, the 6th grade band will perform a daytime concert for
the current 4th grade students from Waterville, Monclova, and Whitehouse
primary schools. This concert serves as the an introduction to band for the
4th graders and kicks off the instrument fitting process. 6th grade band
students need to make sure they have their instrument, music, and blue FT
band t-shirt (any pants/skirt are fine for this performance).

*Friends and Patrons Fundraiser*
Last week, the AW Band Boosters started their final fundraiser for the
year. The “Friends and Patrons” drive has become our most profitable
fundraiser and allows the boosters to keep 100% of the proceeds. Donors
have the option of having their name listed as a band supporter in the Fall
Sports program as well as the programs for all band concerts for the
2017-2018 school year. See the attached document for information about the
drive and how you can help.

You can also find information by visiting: awbands.com/

*Upcoming Performances*
Friday, May 5th: 6th grade band daytime concert for 4th graders (starts at
9:10am, not open to the public)

Saturday, May 20th: AWBB Chicken BBQ (5th grade band performs at 6:00pm, 6th
grade band performs at 5:00pm.)

Thanks and have a great week!

-Adam Ladd
AW Bandspdf icon Friends-and-Patrons-Packet.pdf

FT Band Week of 4/23

The 5th and 6th grade bands will not meet on Monday or Tuesday of this week
because of the altered school testing schedule. The bands will meet at
their normal days/times on Wednesday (5th WWs and 6th WWs), Thursday (5th
Brass/Perc and 6th Brass/Perc), and Friday (6th grade Full Band).

*Upcoming Performance*
Saturday, May 20th: AW Bands Chicken BBQ, 6th Grade @ 5pm, 5th grade @ 6pm

Thanks and have a great week!

FT Band Update 4/10

FT Band Parents,

Attached is a summary of what we will be working on in band at FT over the
next few weeks. Students should practice the items listed in order to be
prepared for class. The “new” songs that are listed will be passed out in
class this week.

*Band Concert Recap*
Thanks to everyone for your help and flexibility in making our band concert
possible. It is unusual to have one concert cancelled in a year, but to
have TWO concerts cancelled and rescheduled is unheard of. I truly
appreciate everyone’s willingness to move plans around so that the students
could have an opportunity to perform.

*AWBB Chicken BBQ*
Our final public performance of the year for the 5th and 6th grade bands
will take place at the annual bands Chicken BBQ on Saturday, May 20th at
the AWHS Gym. This is a fun performance where ALL band from AW play
throughout the day and the Anthony Wayne Band booster organization sells
chicken dinners as a fundraiser. The 5th grade band will perform at 6:00pm
and the 6th grade band will perform at 5:00pm. We will send out an email
with specific report times and details when the event gets a bit closer.

THANKS and have a great week!

-Adam Ladd
AW Bandspdf icon Q4Week3.pdf

FT Week 5 Assignment

FT – 5th and 6th Grade Bands – Week 5
5th Grade:
Review: Basic Sounds (buzz, mouthpiece and neck/barrel, headjoint, tonguing)
Traditions of Excellence Book 1
Pg. 6: #1, 2, 4
#16, 19, 20, 23 (check-off for white belt / pizza part)
New: 5 Note Scale
Book: # 18, 24

6th Grade
Review: Essential Elements Book 1
Page 21 #106 & 108
Page 22 #112
Above and Beyond – Sheet Musi
Koala Rock – Sheet Music

New: Walkin’ The Dog – Sheet Music
Mm 1-25