HS Band Packet, 2015-16

I hope everyone is having a great summer.  

Attached is the 2015-16 band packet (PDF).  

It includes the handbook, handbook confirmation form, and the calendar.  Please read through the handbook and return the confirmation form at band camp.  

This year we have set up a Google form to fill out for upcoming absences (now you do not need to turn in a written note or send an email – just go to the following link and submit the form). 

We look forward to seeing any new students, Freshmen, and Seniors on Thursday, July 30th at 9am and everyone July 30th at 6pm.

Junior High Band Handbook

The AW Junior High 2013-2104 band handbook (PDF) is designed to answer many of the questions you or your parents may have concerning the band program at AWJH. We are very excited about the upcoming year.

Please take time to read this handbook carefully. Then, please sign the final signature page indicating that both the student and parent have read, understand, and agree to the conditions outlined.

Keep this handbook for reference for the remainder of the school year as it contains all of our performance dates!

If you are a returning 8th grade member…….WELCOME BACK!

If you are a new 7th grade member or new to our program…WELCOME TO AWJH!

Thank You,

Mrs. Megan Kovach

Mr. Roy Young

Contents (PDF)

  • 1. Goals & Expectations
  • 2. Graded Items and Policies
  • 3. Performances
  • 4. Required Equipment
  • 5. Practice
  • 6. Uniforms
  • 7. Individual Opportunities
  • 8. Director Contact Information
  • 9. Signature/Contact Information Page
  • 10. OPTIONAL: Chaperone Sign-Up/Private Lesson Sign-Up