Committee Leaders

The following are the various leaders of various AWBB committee and activities. Select one to contact them: fill out a form to send them an email.


  • Golf Ecology (Marathon Classic): Roger Harrison and Mike Keener
  • Cherry Fest Ecology: Roger Harrison and Mike Kelso
  • Community Rewards (Kroger & Meijer Cards): Bob Krichbaum
  • Fruit Sale: Kathy Gee and Lisa Boltz
  • Friends & Patrons: Paula Miethaner
  • Restaurant Fundraisers: Paula Miethaner
  • Tower/Trailer Advertising: Scott Donnelly and Mike Keener


  • Band Banquet: Carole Dickey
  • Chicken BBQ & Band Festival: Kathy Gee, Julie Swartz and Amy Froelich
  • Communications Technology (web site): Adam Ladd
  • Booster Wear: Craig Keirstead
  • Water & Hospitality: Dave Grice
  • Generals Express: Mike Keener
  • Uniforms: Renee McNutt
  • Videography: Stacy Schmidt and Roger Harrison
  • Chaperones: Kelly Donnelly
  • Scholarships: Scott Donnelly and Kathy Gee
  • Showcase of Bands: Heather Kelso and Mike Kelso
  • Nominations: Mike Kelso
  • Volunteer Coordinator/Fall Family Mixer: Heather Kelso and David Miethaner
  • Senior Banners: Lori Grice and Linda Nichols
  • Candlelight: Heather LaBeau and Claire Knapinski