Entertainment Book top sellers (2011)

We are wrapping up the 2011 Entertainment Book sale and we wanted to congratulate the following students as top sellers.

The Grand Prize top seller was 8th grader Johnathon H ($150 prize).

Other top sellers each got $50 prizes:

  • Lian S (6th)
  • Amber P (6th)
  • Connor S (5th)
  • Kourtinie P (7th)
  • Lucas H (5th)
  • Lindsay M (8th)
  • Evan F (6th)
  • Maggie O (6th)
  • Charley S (5th)
  • Johah K (8th)

The following won the $50 cash drawing for selling 3 books or more:

  • Willie L
  • John M
  • Brittany H
  • Teegan W
  • Abbie E
  • Kennedy M