Golf Ecology Update

Dear volunteers for golf ecology duties at the Jame Farr Toledo Classic (August 5-13, 2012),

First, thanks for volunteering! This is a high-profile opportunity for the Band Boosters to help our community (and earn money for the band without selling).

The big week is less than 2 months away and many aspects of the tournament are taking shape. See and its Facebook page for the latest news & events related to the tournament.

We have some important information to share about our ecology duties. This is a lot of information, but please take a few minutes to read it and understand it – and we have 3 things we need you to do at this time.

1. Confirm your shifts. The sign up sheets – showing which teams have volunteered for each shift – are available as a PDF. Please download the PDF and confirm that your assignments are correct. We might have made a mistake.

If you spot a mistake or need to tell us about a change, please contact us. Changes are not a problem! If everything is OK, then no reply is needed.

You will notice there are a few open slots still. Sunday August 12 & Monday August 13 are the largest gaps. You can volunteer for more shifts, if you want. Or you can contact some of your friends and encourage them to volunteer.

2. Select an “on call” time. We are trying something new this year: having people ready to come in and work, but only if something unusual happens. For example, if another team drops out at the last minute. Or if there is bad weather and we need additional people to get the course ready. Or who knows what else might happen!

We would like each team to sign up for 1 “on call” shift. During your on-call time, you should be ready to come to the course right away if we call you. If you are a golf fan, you can come to the course during your on-call time and watch the action. We would text you if we need you to stop watching and start working.

Please look at the schedule in the sign up sheet (PDF) and contact us. In the “message”, we just need to know which shift (day, morning or afternoon) you are willing to be on call for. Thanks.

3. Save July 31 for our volunteer meeting. Our big meeting to prepare for the ecology duties will be Tuesday, July 31 at 6:30pm at the Monclova Community Center. This is where you will get your t-shirts, hats, passes, maps and other information. You will be able to ask questions.

Please try hard to have at least 1 person from your team attend this meeting.

Those are the 3 important things we need right now.

There are a few more things you may want to think about (but we will go over them in detail later, especially on July 31st):

  • Khaki shorts/pants will be the dress code once again. Be sure you have comfortable clothes (and shoes) for the week.
  • If you are new to ecology volunteering, or not familiar with the Highland Meadows course, you may want to show up on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday (August 6-7-8) for “training”. You will be able to drive around on the course when things are not very busy. This will be optional and you won’t need to sign up: just show up. We will have more information about this later.
  • In a few weeks, we will be asking for detailed information about each person on your team, including which are students/adults (to make sure we have one adult for each student per shift) and cell phone numbers.
  • T-shirts have been ordered and we have asked for some in larger sizes than in the past, as several of you have asked about.
  • You will be able to bring your cell phones on the course. In fact, we will be counting on it to help us stay in touch with you while you are working. But you will have to be extra careful to not disturb the golfers, fans, officials or other people.

So, thanks again for volunteering. Please take care of your 3 action items as soon as you can. Looking forward to working with you! Again, contact us with questions and comments.

Keith & Jeanne