JH Band T-Shirts

JH Band Parents,

The 7th and 8th grade band students will need a JH Bands T-Shirt for our
performance at the HS football game on Sept. 29th. It is the same t-shirt
that the 8th grade students used last year in 7th grade. It is NOT the same
T-shirt that the 7th grade students used in 6th grade. Therefore, all 7th
graders will need to order a shirt, while only those 8th graders who need a
new shirt (new size or replace lost shirt) will need to order one.

The T-shirts are $10 each and students can start bringing in cash or check
tomorrow. Students tried on shirts today in class and told me what size
they’d like. If for some reason the students need to choose a different
size or would like to get more than one shirt, just have them mention it to
me in class.

I’m hoping to place the order for shirts at the end of this week and the
shirts should be available in about a week. I’ll pass them out in class.