Kroger Community Rewards

The Kroger Community Rewards program has proven to be quite an effective fundraising tool for the Anthony Wayne Band Boosters (AWBB) organization.

The Kroger Company has dedicated $5 million to its Community Rewards Program, awarding $1,250,000 per quarter to participating organizations. Any participating organization could potentially earn up to $50,000 every three months! What a great way to fundraise, and the only thing you have to do is register for the Kroger Community Rewards program. You don’t have to sell anything, or buy anything other than what you’d buy anyway as Kroger shoppers presenting Plus Cards at checkout time. We can have our families and friends register as well!

However, it is required that participants re-register for the program every year.

Re-enrolling in the Kroger Community Rewards program is QUICK and EASY! Go to the Community Rewards page, review the information and select Enroll at the bottom. Use the Anthony Wayne Band Boosters number: 84007.

As everyone knows, times are tough and Kroger is pleased to be able to support local organizations through Kroger Community Rewards Program. Please don’t let rewards for the AWBB expire during 2010. If you have not done so to date, please RE-ENROLL in the program today and if you are a current Kroger shopper not yet enrolled, please consider ENROLLING today. Quick and easy fundraising.

From 2/1/2010 to 4/30/2010 AWBB earned $1,657.54 with 132 cards registered with the Kroger Community Rewards Program. This included purchases by members who signed up in the 124 stores in the Columbus, Ohio Division running from Columbus, Ohio to the Michigan border along with a few stores in Michigan and West Virginia

As a side bar from the literature I received from the Kroger Community Rewards Program, a music booster group with 350 members raised over $8500.00 in one quarter last year.

You can download more detailed instructions (PDF) on enrolling and re-enrolling in the Kroger Community Rewards Program.

Thank you, Bob Krichbaum