May 5th JH Bands Performance

The 7th and 8th grade bands will both be performing on the evening of
Friday, May 5th for the OMEA District 1 Junior High Large Group
Band/Orchestra Adjudicated Event (fancy name for band contest) which is
being hosted by us here at Anthony Wayne High School. This is an extremely
important and required performance for all 7th / 8th grade band students.

At this event, 11 total JH bands and orchestras from around northwest
Ohio (including groups from Rossford, Sylvania, Perrysburg, BG, etc) will
perform one at a time for a panel of three adjudicators. The adjudicators
are experienced band/orchestra directors who will listen to each band
perform, make recorded/written comments, and give each band a numerical
rating from I (superior) to V (poor). The groups are not competing against
each other directly but are rather trying to earn the best rating they can
for themselves.

All of the performances are free and open to the public. Families are
encouraged to come hear the bands perform and support their students, BUT
this is not quite the same as a normal band concert. *AUDIO / VIDEO
recordings and PHOTOGRAPHS of the performances are STRICTLY PROHIBITED*. If
a parent shoots an iPhone video or takes a photo of ANY band during a
performance, the band can be disqualified. OMEA takes this very seriously

*Performance Times*
7th Grade Band
Performance at 5:45pm in the AWHS Auditorium.
Report: 5:00pm @ the AWJH Band Room
Finished performing @ 6:05pm and free to go by 6:30pm

8th Grade Band
Performance at 8:30pm in the AWHS Auditorium
Report: 7:40pm @ the AWJH Band Room
Finished performing @ 8:50pm and free to go by 9:15pm

7th Grade: Black slacks or skirt and blue band T-shirt. Black shoes and
socks. No jeans, leggings, or athletic pants.
8th Grade: Black slacks or skirt and blue band Polo. Black shoes and socks.
No jeans, leggings, or athletic pants.

We want both groups to look as professional as possible. The appearance of
the band is actually part of the adjudicator’s comment sheet. Please plan
ahead and let me know if you have any trouble acquiring the appropriate
apparel for this performance.

*Volunteers Needed*
This event is being hosted by the Anthony Wayne Band Boosters at AWHS.
Volunteers will be needed to run concessions stand, move equipment, set up
the performance stage, monitor students before performance. We will send
out an additional email with instructions for how you can volunteer to help.

Thanks! Have a great weekend!

-Adam Ladd
AW Bands