New HS Band Members

Here is some info about next year’s high school band.  

Please find attached 2 pages of frequently asked questions and a calendar of the first 2 months of the year (PDF).

FAQs also included below.

Q: How can I find out the upcoming events and news of the band?

A: Most information that you need can be found on-line at The director also sends out a weekly newsletter with reminders about the events of the coming weeks.

Q: When are booster meetings?

A: Booster meeting are usually held on the first Monday of the month. No meetings are held during July, December, or January. Watch the website or weekly newsletter for specific dates. All are welcome.

Q: Can I just do marching band without concert band? Can I just do concert band without marching band?

A: No. Band is a full year course at Anthony Wayne. Concepts learned in one ensemble carry over and enhance the other ensemble.

Q: How much does it cost to be in band?

A: There are one time costs that a student pays when beginning band in the 9th Grade and there are yearly costs. The one time costs include gloves ($3), ascot ($3), marching T-shirt ($9), shorts ($18), boy’s tux shirt ($16), boy’s tux pants ($32), and girl’s dress ($60). Students also purchase a pair of black and white shoes for the marching uniforms (these are purchased on your own – examples are available to look at). The yearly costs include Marching Band Cleaning and Maintenance ($30), boy’s tux coat/tie/cummerbund cleaning fee ($8), and instrument rental for any student using school owned instruments ($30 per season-marching and/or concert). Students who are on free and reduced lunch have their fees waived. Trips are optional and costs are paid by the students. Financial aid may be available for students who wish to attend a trip but cannot afford the cost. Forms are available from the boosters.

Q: What and when is Band Camp?

A: Band Camp is a bit of a misnomer in that we don’t go away and don’t camp. Band Camp is usually begins during the first part of August and runs Monday through Thursday until school starts. At Band Camp we learn the positions and moves for the pre-game and first half-time shows. Typically the first week includes morning (8-11:30) and evening (6-9) rehearsals. After the first week, rehearsals continue in the evenings only. Yes, these rehearsals are mandatory. Students who do not attend may be assigned an alternate position.

Q: What is the Big/Little program?

A: Every year an incoming Freshman is matched up with Senior Band Members. The senior mentors and assists the freshman with anything related to band or high school.

Q: Do the students have to have a physical to be in band?

A: No (please note the change from previous years). The band is not under the jurisdiction of the OHSAA and therefore does not require physicals. Students are encouraged to get a physical. Emergency Medical Forms will be collected from the office and taken with the band whenever we travel. Parents who would like to have over the counter medicines (tylenol, etc.) available for their son or daughter will need to fill out a form to allow medicine to be disbursed.

Q: Can I be in a fall sport and still participate in band?

A: Yes, students who play a school sponsored fall sport may choose to be excused from marching band responsibilities. Please see the director for details.

Q: What is the Marching Band Awards Concert?

A: Every year the band presents a concert in the Fall of highlights from the past year’s marching band season. It is held in the Gym and includes awards that the students have earned throughout the marching band season.

Q: What is Candlelight?

A: Candlelight occurs after the last football game of the regular season. The seniors are given an opportunity to address the rest of the band to share stories of the their past band experiences and express what being in band has meant to them. After the ceremony, the band has a lock-in until midnight where they can play games in the gym and enjoy food provided by the boosters.

Q: I am interested in chaperoning band functions. How do I do that?

A: Parents who are interested in chaperoning should submit their name and an application to the chaperone committee chairperson. After names are collected, the list will be given to the band director who gives it to the principal for submission to the Board of Education. The BOE votes to approve these people as volunteers. Volunteers may chaperone and assist with the band on day trips, but are not approved to chaperone overnight trips. When an overnight trip is planned, volunteers may apply to be chaperones through the same process as before. The be approved as an overnight chaperone, the adult will need to have a FBI/BCI check and fingerprinted. This will be arranged by the chaperone chairperson.

Q: I don’t really want to chaperone. Are there other things I can do?

A: Yes, we have many opportunities for everyone to help throughout the year. Every year we can use help with hospitality, snacks, truck and trailer, fundraisers, showcase, chicken barbecue, and other events. To volunteer, please contact the booster vice-president.

Q: I see some of the students wearing band jackets. Where can I get one?

A: Students may order a band jacket during uniform fittings. Some students will buy jackets from former band members also.

Q: What is the Spring Awards Banquet?

A: The Spring Awards Banquet occurs usually in May and is a time for the students to be recognized for their achievements in concert band. This includes a catered meal free of charge for the students. Adults pay for their meals. Students usually dress nicely for this event.