Renew Kroger Community Rewards

According to the Kroger Web site, your enrollment in the Community Rewards Program has expired. Please re-enroll today to continue earning money for Anthony Wayne Band Boosters every time you use your Plus Card.

  • Organization Number: 84007

Kroger Community Rewards Enrollment for 2015-2016 in now in progress. Each individual must enroll for Anthony Wayne Band Boosters to receive the greatest reward possible.

Go to, select Columbus, Ohio as the region, and type in Anthony Wayne Band Boosters or enter NPO number 84007.

We encourage you to invite your friends, family, neighbors, co workers and acquaintance to enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards Program even if they did not participant in the past. How much Anthony Wayne Band Boosters earns will depend on how much members spend compared to other organizations spending. Every participating member must have a valid account and a Kroger Plus Card.

During the past 12 months Anthony Wayne Band Boosters earned over $8,000.00 from the Kroger Community Rewards Program. This is an easy fund raiser since Kroger gives back to Anthony Wayne Band Boosters a portion of monies you spend at Kroger.

Thank you for participating in the Kroger Community Rewards Program and helping the students in Grades 5 to 12 in the Anthony Wayne Bands. Feel free to E mail me with any questions.

Bob Krichbaum

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