School information

Band news by school

  • High School: Mr. Young creates a weekly newsletter and emails it to HS parents and students who we have email addresses for.
  • Junior High: Mr. Ladd sends home flyers and notifies parents/students via email.
  • Middle School: Mr. Ladd and Mr. Young send home flyers and notifies parents/students via email.

If you are not getting email from the appropriate band director, Contact us and we will get you added to our email database.

News for specific bands

  • Marching Band & Majorettes: Marching Band season usually starts with camp in August and ends with the last football game. “Parade season” can run from the late summer to the early spring. The bands makes one overnight trip each season, with a special trip once every 4 years.
  • Concert & Symphonic Bands: The concert and symphonic season  includes holiday concerts, spring concerts and OMEA competitions.
  • Jazz Band: The Jazz Band season corresponds with the Concert & Symphonic season.
  • Pep Band: The Pep Band performs at selected girls & boys basketball and hockey games.
  • Pit Band: Performs with the AW musical production each year.

All of the latest band news is also available together.