Selling Entertainment Books

There are two ways to sell Entertainment Books to your friends, family and neighbors (“supporters”) for the Anthony Wayne Bands fundraiser.

In-person: If your supporter lives in the Toledo area and can pay in cash or with a check (made out to AWBB), then you should sell to them in person.

  • Set up a time to meet them and let them check out a copy of the Toledo area Entertainment book.
  • If they want to buy it, have them give you cash or a check ($25), and give them the book on the spot.
  • Turn in your money to the band directors and get another book to sell.

On-line: If your supporter wants to pay by credit card or lives somewhere else in the US or Canada (and thus wants an Entertainment Book for their city), then you should sell to them on line.

  • To sell on-line, you first need to create a personal Entertainment Book Sale page. We have detailed instructions with screen shots and tips for going through each step. You will need to create an account on and provide some information about the student doing the selling. You can optionally include a picture of the student and enter email addresses for your supporters.
  • After you have created your personal sale page, you can email your special web address to supporters, post the link to Facebook, and share in other ways to let your supporters know about it.
  • When your supporters visit the page, they can select the city they want a book for (including the Toledo area). They will pay with a credit card. Their book will be shipped to them. You will get credit for the sale.
  • Again, to sell on-line, you must first create a personal Entertainment Book Sale page.

You are not required to sell in-person or on-line. You must return the book you received if you do not sell it in person.

The deadline for all sales, in-person and on-line, is Monday, September 14th.

Happy selling!

If you have any questions, contact the Entertainment Book chairs.